It is the philosophy of GDE to provide services that are consistent, predictable, and technically sound.  GDE believes that our strengths are our technical expertise and experience, our unparalleled project communication and people skills, and our practice of having an experienced professional engineer visit each of our sites.  Our goal is to produce quality reports that are delivered in a dependable, timely manner.  

Geotechnical Engineering Services

GDE has the expertise and capability to perform geotechnical testing in accordance with current ASTM standards. Tests that we offer include, but are not limited to:  

Field Testing  

•Standard Penetration Testing (track-mounted limited access drill rig, large truck mounted drill rig) 

•Soil Probe Sampling 

•Hand Auger Sampling 

•Cone Penetrometer Testing 

•Double Ring Infiltration Testing 

•Guelph Permeameter Testing  

Laboratory Testing 

•Unified Soil Classification Determinations (visual) 

•Moisture Content Testing 

•Sieve Analysis 

•Percent Fines Content Testing 

•Atterberg Limits Testing 

•Organic Content Testing 

Engineering Analyses 

•Settlement Analyses 

•Bearing Capacity Analyses 

•Pile Capacity Analyses 

•Drilled Shaft Capacity Analyses 

•Helical Anchor and Pile Analyses 

•Slope Stability Analyses  

Construction Materials Testing 

•Modified Proctor Testing 

•Field Density Testing (Drive Sleeve and Sand Cone)

Forensic Engineering Services

•Reviewing existing data and reports 

•Performing field, laboratory, and engineering analyses to determine distress causation 

•Developing repair recommendations 

•Creating cost estimates for various repair recommendations 

•Providing repair monitoring services 

 •Providing expert witness services  

•Performing Neutral Evaluation services

Environmental Engineering Services

•Phase I Environmental Assessments 

•Phase II Environmental Assessments

What's Happening

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